Why Choose Us

  • We do not repurpose any data sensitive devices.
  • We are quick to respond to clients’ specific request.
  • Last, but not least, we always serve you with a smile.

There is no “Asset Management” division in our company, consequently you will not find any of your unwanted electronic material listed for sale. All hard drives are shredded and all other disassembled electronic components are transported out only to downstream processors that are approved by the Alberta Recycling Management Authority. Alberta Recycling Management Authority auditors regularly visit downstream processors to ensure that their operations adhere to strict health, safety and environmental standards.

We are not a big national company, but being “small” enables us to be more flexible and adequately address each client’s specific request in a timely manner. We have multiple trucks equipped with lift gates and qualified drivers. Special projects we have completed include office and call center closures, and major warehouse clean-ups. Our dedicated team of professionals will perform our tasks in a timely, competent, efficient, and orderly manner.

Want to know what we recycle?